I am sure that life is a too precious gift to live it without leaving anything valuable behind”


Arthur Mkhitaryan is a Ukrainian businessman of Armenian origin. He has received his degree in Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Later, he had been dedicating himself to his work in the Corporation POZNYAKYZHILBUD for more than ten years. There he started as an advertising specialist and made his way up to the position of the General Manager of the business, and later – the Company owner.

The stagnation of the real estate market has allowed me to take a time out, to broaden my horizons, to extend my understanding of modern management and advanced approaches to business management. While studying at the Executive MBA program at NOVA Southeastern University, Florida, I decided to found my own company which will launch innovative projects that combine the world’s best achievements in design, architecture, construction and service.

I’ve always been interested in working on projects that help to unlock the potential of a person, a company, or even the whole country, on projects that improve the quality of life, make life brighter and more saturated. It all mean – to challenge myself, to challenge all those artificial restrictions and limits. TARYAN will realize exactly this kind of challenging projects in different areas.