Here at Taryan Group, we understand the community’s frustration about the land clearing at our project in Seseh, and in hindsight, we should have consulted and given deeper consideration to the wider community. Taryan Group respects the history and environment of the project, and we will continue to work with the landowners and the local community to minimise our impact on the natural surroundings.

We have also initiated a series of development projects in Seseh to positively impact the local community.

In partnership with local authorities, Taryan Group has launched an initiative to plant over 100 trees.

As our company advocates for social impact — planting trees is not the only environmental initiative we are planning. Among our upcoming social and environmental initiatives:

— a beach cleanup and improved waste management practices. This encompasses waste collection and recycling to promote and implement future re-use practice

— team education on eco-friendly initiatives and approaches

— an initiative for road development in Seseh which is crucial for the infrastructure and comfort of local communities

— at least 40% of employees will be hired from local communities

We believe these initiatives will contribute to a better future for Seseh.