The results of the charity Dream BIG Forum: energy dreams, thousands of guests and 1.5 million hryvnias for the treatment of children

On February 27th, the Dream BIG Forum was held at the Kyiv Sports Palace, the main event of the year for big dreamers. The event was attended by thousands of people from different cities and countries. Dream BIG Forum was initiated and organized by the founder of the development company Taryan Group Arthur Mkhitaryan. For his company, the Dream BIG Forum became a project of corporate social responsibility, the main goal of which is not only to inspire and energize as many people as possible, but also to support children who need health and life in order to dream and achieve. “Dear all, Dream BIG Forum has held! We have dedicated this forum to the Dream. The powerful force that kindles hearts. A dream is about building and striving to make the world a better place. Draw strength from the Big Dream, follow it and never give up! These are the words we said to thousands of people in the hall, I thank everyone for their powerful energy and inspiration, it was unforgettable”, said Arthur Mkhitaryan. The Forum was hosted by Masha Efrosinina. In addition to Arthur Mkhitaryan, the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, a businessman and statesman who was at the origins of creating modern Dubai, Ahmad Bin Byat, the famous American writer Robert Greene, the founder of the FEDORIV Group and the FEDORIV agency Andriy Fedoriv, co-founder of Gres Todorchuk PR Yaroslava Gres, motivational speaker Alla Klymenko and outstanding Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk. Each speaker shared his story about the path to a dream and motivated him to believe in himself and his ideas. For example, Robert Greene said: “A good leader is distinguished by the fact that he treats people positively and gives the team the opportunity to make independent elections.” Alla Klymenko said: “Do not look for the right time to show kindness or leave the light to yourself, do it now.” Yaroslava Gres assured that you have to believe in your idea, no matter what, because at first the best ideas are called unrealizable. Andriy Fedoriv emphasized: “The more no you hear, the better.” There were a lot of surprises for the guests at Dream BIG Forum. So, the singer TAYANNA joined the performance of Alla Klymenko, and the final speech by Arthur Mkhitaryan was complemented by a spectacular audio-visual show. Arthur Mkhitaryan said from a large-scale scene: “Do not listen to the noise of someone else’s opinion, look for opportunities, not reasons, and dream big”. Also, after the forum, a gala evening and a charity auction were held, where unique lots of invited speakers were presented. The organizer of the Dream BIG Forum Arthur Mkhitaryan presented a tour of the roofs of the futuristic Taryan projects and dinner at TSARSKY. Statesman and businessman Ahmed Bin Byat provided a one-week personal excursion from him to Dubai’s iconic objects as a lot. One of the country’s best marketers, Andriy Fedoriv and his wife Yaroslava Gres, put up dinner as a lot with the opportunity to get marketing and PR advices for own business. Also presented at the auction: chess with the first President Leonid Kravchuk during lunch, inspirational breakfast from Alla Klymenko, individual memorable tips from Robert Greene with an autograph. Yuri Gorbunov was the host of the charity auction. As a result, at the auction it was possible to collect 1.5 million hryvnias for the Tabletochki Foundation. “We have created not only a motivating event for big dreamers – we carried out a charity project that is designed to help the young wards of the Tabletochki Foundation. We initiated and organized our own forum, gala evening and auction with unique lots from speakers to fulfill our social responsibility. Let the disease not become a verdict for a childhood dream”, Arthur Mkhitaryan summed up.