Taryan Group transfers 5 mechanical ventilation devices to hospitals and protective equipment for doctors

As part of corporate social responsibility Taryan Group transfers 5 ventilation devices and protective equipment for doctors to Kyiv hospitals.

Three German portable IVLs have already arrived for use in ambulances, and delivery of two French stationary IVLs, as described earlier, is expected. Respiratory masks and protective suits will also be given to doctors.

Founder of Taryan Group Arthur Mkhitaryan expresses his gratitude to the doctors:

“Today the whole world recognizes the heroism of doctors. In China, the chapel will be decorated with frescoes of doctors, in Italy Vogue came out with a white cover, in New York every evening they applaud from the balconies to the sounds of police sirens. So people express their gratitude to the doctors. We must support medical workers for their heroic work. And I thank the doctors, nurses, orderlies. Dear doctors, thank you, I hope that our contribution will help you in the fight for the health of everyone and protect your health. You are our superheroes”.