The premiere of an interview with the cult American writer took place on the YouTube channel of Arthur Mkhitaryan

Arthur Mkhitaryan presented an interview with American writer Robert Greene. His books have become world bestsellers, including “48 Laws of Power”. It is a handbook of many politicians and businessmen.

“We talked about where Robert takes ideas and information for his books, how the collaboration with 50 cent was began, and why it is important not to give in to emotions. Of course I asked Robert how important is to dream and how to do it right”, – comments Arthur Mkhitaryan.

There is astounding video about power, self-control, success, happiness and the realization of dreams published.

Recall that earlier, Robert Greene performed on the stage of the Dream BIG Forum. This event has become part of Taryan Group corporate social responsibility. In the project’s boundaries, there was 1.5 million hryvnias to the Charity Fund “Tabletochki” for the treatment of children with cancer donated.