We believe that our beloved city can become not only innovative, futuristic, with flying transport and amazing architecture. Kyiv can still be green and environmentally friendly. Green roofs have long been a feature in Taryan projects. Could you imagine if all the roofs in Kyiv turned green?

What would Khreshchatyk become with a green park and fountains instead of a roadway?

We hope that this vision of the future will respond to many.

Taryan Towers is the future that you can touch right now. Imagine the opportunity to go over the glass bridge over the panoramas of the city, visit the winter garden, the museum of the future. All this in three houses, united by one idea, which will turn the understanding of a modern lifestyle. As the founder of Taryan Group Arthur Mkhitaryan said: “This is a revolutionary project that has already contributed to the real estate market in Kyiv, giving a new vector for the development of architecture. This is the beginning of a new era!”

Live in the future. Now.