Arthur Mkhitaryan presented an interview with Andriy Fedoriv on YouTube channel

Founder and CEO of Taryan Group Arthur Mkhitaryan launched a series of interviews with speakers in anticipation of the Dream BIG Forum. A video with Andriy Fedoriv was published on the YouTube channel. He is entrepreneur, marketing specialist and founder of the FEDORIV Group. He talked about insolent dreams, algorithms for success, intrinsic motivation and mining management.

Also, Andriy Fedoriv voiced the key qualities that he values in his team. “The first, it seems to me, paradoxically, is internal ambitiousness. I am very offended when I see talented and smart people, but without an “engine”, can you imagine? Great car, a grand interior, body design, but without an engine. When a person does not have his inner “want”, when he is not in the mood to fight with himself, when he is not in the mood for achievement, when he initially gave up – this is insulting. – Tells in an interview with Andriy. You see a man who surrendered on the second floor, and he could build Jack House, but he built a hut. And that’s all. He gave up. When I see a person who wants, it’s cool“.

In addition, Andriy spoke about the “vaccine against poverty” and the motivation of top managers. Watch the interview for more details.

Dream BIG Forum is part of Taryan Group’s corporate social responsibility; the project supports the Tabletochki Charity Foundation. The initiator of the event, Arthur Mkhitaryan, sees the mission in teaching Ukrainians to dream big, without pushing themselves into frames, to set big goals that may seem unattainable, but at the same time go forward and realize their desires, realize their ideas.